Fat Joe Praises Diddy, Doesn't Think He Can "Recreate" His 1990s Energy

Fat Joe doesn't doubt Diddy can continue to make hits, but he says it won't be the same energy as Bad Boy's glory days.

BYErika Marie
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His sitdown with Drink Champs has been much talked about, especially after he called DJ Khaled the "Quincy Jones of Hip Hop." Fat Joe is not only an applauded artist but his commentary on Rap and Hip Hop culture has been known to spark a discussion or two. Another takeaway moment from his Drink Champs appearance had to do with Diddy and whether or not the Bad Boy mogul has the chops to take over the scene in the same way that he and his artists did back in the 1990s.

"He could never recreate that same energy," said Fat Joe.

"He can make...will Puff Daddy make a masterpiece? It's all R&B, he is. Is it gonna be incredible, is it gonna be fly and all that? Yes. But you can never recreate, you know..." Joe said before he rapped the late Craig Mack's classic 1994 single "Flava in Ya Ear." Fans are expecting Diddy to tap into Puff Daddy bag again one day, but it seems that Sean Love Combs is all about a different route.

Still, Diddy remains one of the most celebrated producers, label heads, and A&Rs in Hip Hop history, regardless of the controversies about contracts and business dealings stemming from complaints by former artists. Do you think Diddy can dominate once again or do you agree with Fat Joe?

Check out the clip of Fat Joe on Drink Champs as well as his full interview below.

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