City Girls & Clermont Twins Beef Over Photoshoot Pose: "Fake Fashion B*tches"

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The twins called out the rappers for using their pose with subliminal shots on social media & City Girls clapped back.

In the entertainment industry, it's easy to find a style copied or repeated. However, not all those moments turn into social media arguments like that between the City Girls and the Clermont twins. City Girls recently announced that they have a special surprise coming and with the revelation, the ladies shared a behind-the-scenes look at their photoshoot.

In the clip, there was a moment when the rappers posed together with Yung Miami on all fours and JT on her back in a similar position, just in the opposite direction. It's a pose that the Clermont Twins have previously done in a photoshoot, so the sisters took to social media to call out City Girls for copying their move without giving them credit. 

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Shannon Clermont stated that she and her sister must have been the "moodboard" for the rappers, and after fans told her she was being shady, she tweeted, "I love Caresha." However, she also wrote in separate tweets, "They hate...then they copy" and "It's the moodboard for meeee." Yung Miami responded, "It wasn't on our mood board but I DID tell JT let's try the post I thought it was cute! What's the problem?"

The rapper added that she loves the Clermont twins and supports them. "Nobody discrediting y'all I'm not with the shady sh*t let's not go there!" Shannon was about that life and replied, "Its love over here too but Lol let's not go there? Cause what?" Yung Maimi said, "You let me know I addressed the room it's whatever. I'm Mad cause I like them fr!"

Meanwhile, JT added her two cents after Shannon tweeted that she's "tired of these fake fashion b*tches." JT stated, "These magazines & brands not! Y'all be scared to see other women grow & learn. It's enough clothes for everybody! Talking about fake fashion b*tch you no Naomi [Campbell] I see your ass on holiday flyers like everybody else! So lazy of you to be tired about a POSE!!!!"

Check out the ongoing exchange below.

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