Playboi Carti Allegedly Tried To Have "VladTV" Rubi Rose Interview Removed

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Vlad claims that Carti's team sent a cease and desist letter after he interviewed the rapper's ex-girlfriend, rapper Rubi Rose.

The relationship between Playboi Carti and Rubi Rose has been over for some time, but the stories about their infamous moments live on. In October 2019, Rubi sat down with both No Jumper and VladTV, and she spoke about an alleged incident involving her ex. According to Rose, Playboi Carti shot at her during an argument, and now it's a story that haunts the Whole Lotta Red rapper.

Vlad and Adam22 recently sat down to swap stories and during the conversation, Vlad revealed that Carti attempted to have his Rubi Rose interview removed. "We got the cease and desist from his lawyers," said Vlad. He ignored them "because if you guys are trying to claim defamation, you guys are trippin' right now." The host brought up Carti and Rubi's tumultuous past that included alleged physical altercations at the Los Angeles International Airport that ended with Carti's arrest. "So, we're like no, we're not taking sh*t down."

Adam22 added that he merely mentioned the alleged shooting and he got some angry DMs questioning why he would "bring that sh*t up" from Carti's people. Vlad argued that "if that happened to [Rose], she's allowed to talk about it."

Watch Vlad & Adam22's discussion below including the two weighing in on the acceleration of Rubi's career.

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