Chances are, you haven’t made it all the way through Kanye West’s two hour interview with SHOWStudio this morning, but for those who did tune in, there was one moment that stood out, or at least, sparked a discussion.

Anyone who’s on Twitter knows things can get very messy when Kanye album rankings get thrown around, but Ye has brought us back into the argument with his own opinion on his catalog.

He may not have done a tidy numbered list like Jay Z, but Ye surprised many fans when he said that 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus were much stronger than his beloved 2010 LP, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

‘Ye argued that MBDTF wasn’t as groundbreaking as the albums the preceded and followed it.

“You know, people extend their brand for a long time. There’s true moments of genius, then there are moments of looking through the archives and putting shit together,” he said. “So many people rate Dark Fantasy as my best album, but Yeezus and 808s are so much stronger. Dark Fantasy to me is… almost like, an apology record. ‘Power’ was the least progressive song that I’ve ever had as a first single…. least challenging.”

Do you agree with Kanye’s opinion? Feel free to leave your own personal rankings in the comments below.