Tyler Perry officially retired his beloved Mabel “Madea” Simmons character a few years ago and ever since then, our world was turned upside down. While there hasn’t been a scientific correlation made between the state of the planet and Madea’s retirement, Tyler Perry has announced that the character will be making a return on an even bigger stage, coming to Netflix next year.

Making the announcement on Instagram, Tyler Perry kept being interrupted by Madea herself, who made sure to get her two cents in before the camera turned off. “This is Tyler Perry saying– this is Madea speaking and I’m coming back on Netflix,” said the actor. 

Tyler Perry Brings Madea Out Of Retirement
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

According to a press release, the media mogul will release the twelfth installment of the series, A Madea Homecoming, on Netflix in 2022. The film will be shot entirely at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta

The news has been celebrated on social media with fans of the franchise excitedly reacting to Madea’s return. It was believed that the character’s final screen appearance happened in 2019’s A Madea Family Funeral. While Tyler Perry has publicly stated a few times how much he dislikes wearing the Madea wig and portraying her, he noted that the world is in need of some laughter right now. Madea has never failed to make us giggle and her return couldn’t come at a better time.

Are you excited about Madea’s arrival on Netflix in 2022?