#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

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This week's Throwback Thursday runs down some classic Mixtape Weezy cuts.

While Lil Wayne deals with label trouble, his fans have to bare the brunt of it. In January he gave us Sorry 4 The Wait 2, but everyone is still anticipating Tha Carter V.

Waiting for new Lil Wayne music is a great time to reflect on old Lil Wayne music, and lord knows he's given us enough of it. As one of the most prolific rappers of the past 20 years, there is no shortage of features, albums, and mixtapes. Today we'll be focusing on the latter of those.

Whether he's hopping on a classic beat, bodying a new one, or going in on some obscure production, Lil Wayne is an absolute beast on the mixtape circuit. We're sending this Throwback Thursday to Mixtape Weezy, celebrating 10 cuts off his epic run of tapes.

Lil Wayne - Cannon

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

Dedication 2 had a lot of screaming by Don Cannon, but it also had absolutely filthy bars from Lil Wayne. Some may say it's his best yet, as the hungry rapper proved himself to be an elite member of the game.

Lil Wayne - Georgia Bush

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

You probably won't catch Lil Wayne getting too political on Tha Carter V, but once upon a time his flow was lethal enough to make a meaningful commentary on socio-political topics. 

Gudda Gudda & Lil Wayne - Demolition Freestyle Parts 1 & 2 

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

We're going to cheat ever so slightly here, because both of these are pretty great. Let us know if you prefer one in the comments.

Lil Wayne - Dough Is What I Got

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

Da Drought 3 absolutely turned the rap world on its head. It was the biggest release of the summer, and it was a double-disc effort of Wayne bodying other people's beats. In a lot of ways, it changed the game forever. "Dough Is What I Got" was one of the great cuts off the release.

Lil Wayne - Something You Forgot

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

This airy beat, which samples Heart, isn't something we're used to hearing Wayne rap over. However, it works out very well as he spills his heart over this one.

Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

This one was a little out of left field too. An obscure folk sample turned into a druggy rap song that caught an odd amount of praise...who would've thought?

Lil Wayne - Weezy F. Baby

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

The original Dedication mixtape saw Wayne in between his Hot Boyz stage and his Carter 2/3 era. "Weezy F. Baby" is a great cut off this one that proved Weezy can command your attention with mad bars.

Lil Wayne - The Sky Is The Limit

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

Anyone who remembers Da Drought 3 will attest that this is Wayne at his very finest. He reached the sky on this one.

Lil Wayne - Walk It Out

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

Two verses over a classic beat...this is what made Da Drought 3 such an epic mixtape. Lil Wayne was entering his time as the greatest rapper alive, full of confidence, drugs, and sick rhymes.

Lil Wayne - Wasted

#TBT: Mixtape Weezy

This one was absolutely massive when it came out, and brought a whole new life to the track. "Wasted" was one of the dopest cuts off No Ceilings.

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