Last night was a huge night for Triller and Jake Paul as the YouTube star was able to knockout Ben Askren in a very short amount of time. While Askren tried to get up, the referee claimed he was simply not in good enough shape to continue, which allowed Paul to win via knockout. The young star was overcome with emotion and it’s clear that he was extremely happy to have won following the four months of training.

Unlike the Nate Robinson fight, this match didn’t lead to any memes. Instead, it led to a whole lot of speculation that the match was rigged in Paul’s favor. For many fans on Twitter, Askren’s effort was simply lacking, all while the referee seemingly ended the match way too early.

Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren Fight Accused Of Being Rigged
Al Bello/Getty Images for Triller

The word “rigged” immediately started to trend on social media last night as there were various people who felt as though Triller and Paul were simply looking for easy money. Even Askren seemed to be fine with the knockout, which led to even more suspicion. Of course, many people wanted Paul to get knocked out, so it only makes sense that such a narrative would be floating around as a coping mechanism of sorts. Regardless, things do look suspicious, at least for now.