Sometimes it feels like SNL just isn’t as funny as it used to be. However, they are trying. Kid Cudi joined the Saturday Night Live cast this week, and mostly made headlines for wearing a dress while performing music. Of course, men wearing women’s clothing is nothing new. However, the “rapper in a dress” vibe will never go without hate. Although the dress dawning moment is getting most of the attention, Cudi did have other great SNL moments.

One of those moments comes in a skit that parodies new hip-hop and pop music. It also seems like a small jab at Lizzo. The skit finds Cudi, Pete Davidson (is he ever NOT in a hip-hop skit?), and Chris Redd rapping about their love for flutes. The video is kinda dumb, but it’ll make you chuckle. The crew embarks on trippy adventure where they wield their flutes in different hilarious moments (like using it to try and wake up Pete Davidson’s grandma).

At the end of the skit, we find out the three men were really in a music shop the whole time, just causing chaos. Do you think this skit is funny, or is SNL running out of good material?