When you adapt the nickname of “Certified Lover Boy” like hip-hop’s golden child Drake, you can get away with certain things that most of hip-hop’s toughest would probably be clowned for otherwise. Need an example? The Scorpion emcee is partnering with Uber Eats this Mother’s Day to give out free scented candles. Very smooth, Drizzy!

Drake Is Giving Out Free Candles In Canada For Mother’s Day
Image: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

Released through his fairly new candle line in partnership with Revolve called Better World Fragrance House, Drake decided to make this drop exclusive to his native Canadian fans who just so happen to order from his favorite local restaurants in the area. The featured scents will include clever fragrance names like “Sweeter Tings,” “Williamsburg Sleepover,” “Good Thoughts,” “Muskoka” and “Carby Musk,” which the latter Revolve described as a scent that, and we quote, “actually smells like Drake.”

Now listen, no one will give you too much flack for wanting to smell like Drake. In addition to his list of famous exes — Rihanna? J. Lo? HELLO?! — we’ll go out on a limb and assume that a smell-good by the name of “Sweeter Tings” must be able to give your nostrils something to sniff at. Better World Fragrance House will release each scent in a limited quantity beginning tomorrow (May 7) and extending until May 9.

Customers will have to order $50 or more worth of food from one of the restaurants listed below in order to qualify for one free candle:

In Toronto
Sushi Masaki Saito
Tachi (Assembly Chef’s Hall)
Sotto Sotto Ristorante
Mamakas Taverna
Bar Koukla
Cactus Club Cafe

In Vancouver
Anh and Chi
Medina Cafe
West Oak
The Greek by Anatoli
The Greek Gastown
MeeT in Gastown

If the options above don’t work for you, Drake’s new Better World Fragrance House line will also be available via Postmates, betterworldfragrancehouse.co and in-store via Toronto’s KANDL.

Let us know if you’re trying to have mom dukes smelling like Drizzy this Mother’s Day Weekend by sounding off down in the comments section below: