Chicago rapper Polo G is on a mission to prove that he’s a Hall of Fame-tier talent, absolutely snapping over DMX’s “Ruff Ryders Anthem” instrumental during his second appearance on L.A. Leakers.

With a new album coming out in a few days, Polo Capalot wanted to show fans what sort of fire they should be expecting on his upcoming Hall Of Fame album. He stopped by L.A. Leakers to represent his city, eating up a classic beat and spitting non-stop fire, making for another stunning display of lyricism and off-the-dome creativity from one of the new school’s greatest young stars.

With so many people clowning Polo G for his love of piano beats on social media, this will be sure to silence the haters before Hall Of Fame drops. This is the furthest thing from a piano loop and, as you’ll likely agree, Polo completely dominated this three-minute display. 

Watch his new freestyle below and stay tuned for Polo G’s new album this Friday.

Quotable Lyrics:

90s baby, so I come from Motorolas and them churches
Seen my uncle Mike servin’ Coca-Cola, whippin’ work
Man, R.I.P. Durb, I know he would want me on this beat
Get what I deserve, lately, I been goin’ on the street
Ain’t a homeless n***a on the curb hungrier than me
Gon’ pass the gang to my son like we Romeo and P