Lil Bibby Visibly Uncomfortable While Talking Juice WRLD’s Death

DJ Vlad presses an emotional Lil Bibby about the details surrounding the seizure that led to Juice WRLD’s death.

BYJoshua Robinson
Lil Bibby Visibly Uncomfortable While Talking Juice WRLD’s Death

December 8, 2019, will always be remembered as the day that the world lost Juice WRLD, who perished following a seizure and accidental drug overdose. Years later, the artist continues to dominate the charts whenever new posthumous music is released on his behalf, but the loss of Juice WRLD still remains fresh on many Hip-Hop fans' minds.

As clips from his interview with DJ Vlad continue to roll out, it appears that the tragic situation has also left quite the mark on Chicago music executive Lil Bibby, who discovered and signed Juice WRLD. In a previously released clip from the interview, Bibby was fighting back his emotions while discussing Juice WRLD's harrowing drug use in the weeks leading up to his death. Although the "Lucid Dreams" artist had reportedly agreed to go to rehab, he unfortunately never made it.

Lil Bibby Visibly Uncomfortable While Talking Juice WRLD's Death
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In another segment from their interview, DJ Vlad presses Lil Bibby for the specifics of that day, and you can tell by Bibby's responses and body language that the former Chicago rapper is extremely uncomfortable with reliving it all once again. When Vlad seeks more details surround the legality of the situation, Bibby makes it clear that he doesn't want to touch on that topic.

Vlad still continues to poke at Bibby by touching on the rumors that Juice WRLD swallowed a bunch of Percocets to hide them from police, whic quickly got a response out of his interview subject.

"That's a lie," Bibby asserts before repeating his stance on the topic, "but I don't want to talk nothing about that Vlad."

The interview continues with Vlad switching to the topic of Juice WRLD's seizures and his ultimate overdose. Vlad starts by questioning the music executive if he was aware of the emergency while it was taking place.

"I got a call when the plane got pulled over by the police. They were saying that Juice was having a seizure, but everyone thought it was good, you know?" Bibby states. When asked if Juice WRLD had ever had seizures previously, he simply replied, "No."

From that point on Lil Bibby starts to get more noticeably uncomfortable and emotional while talking about Juice WRLD's overdose. To view the full interview segment, check it out below:

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