Megan Thee Stallion Explains Why She Admires "My Hero Academia" Character

Megan shows off her anime knowledge once again.

BYKarlton Jahmal
Rich Fury/Getty Images for Billboard

Megan Thee Stallion has shown her knowledge and love for My Hero Academia in the past. The 24-year-old rapper did a little cosplay when she dressed up as Shoto Todorok by wearing a red-and-white wig and blue jumpsuit.

In a recent interview on Amazon Music, and reported by, Meg took it a step further and told fans she sees a lot of herself in the lead of My Hero Academia. "In My Hero Academia, you get to see Izuku Midoriya go from [being told] no no no to being the baddest b. I feel like that applies to my life. You know, sometimes you gotta hear a lot of no no no's, and it only makes you go harder to be the best," Meg explained.

Meg shared her love for Izuku in the past with Crunchyroll. Her interest in anime forms an interesting intersection in hip-hop. There seems to be many hip-hop fans who also enjoy anime such as My Hero, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, and others. Something we may see in the near future is hip-hop artists being featured prominently on soundtracks and intros for these animes. Is Izuku your favorite character from My Hero, or are you feeling someone else?


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