There’s nothing quite like a good hip-hop duo, especially when both parties agree that bars are the utmost priority. Luckily, that appears to be the case for Yelawolf and Caskey, who united for their brand new collaboration Blacksheep. Though both parties have been known to get introspective on occasion, Blacksheep seems to prioritize bangers and high-octane flows, with both Yela and Caskey stepping up to flex their emceeing abilities.

For the most part, each song hits hard on the production level, generally pushing the rappers into up-tempo territory. Singles like “Been A Problem” and “Open” already set a notable tone, but the deeper album cuts certainly keep the same energy. Storytelling-centric “Billy & The Purple Datson” conjures a hazy atmosphere, while the aptly titled “Just The Intro” calls back to the classic Southern anthems in hip-hop history. That’s no to say there are no moments of reflection found throughout, as evidenced by closer “Million Dollar Deal,” but for the most part Blacksheep is a welcome dose of beats and rhymes from two capable lyricists having the time of their lives.

Check it out for yourself now, and sound off with your favorite tracks off Yelawolf and Caskey’s first collaborative album Blacksheep.