Erick The Architect, largely known for his role in the beloved Flatbush Zombies collective alongside Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice, has officially come through with his solo debut EP Future ProofIf it wasn’t already evident through his music, Erick has been exploring new sounds and styles, fleshing out his own style as an artist as he dives into more experimental production. While Future Proof isn’t exactly a lengthy affair, there are plenty of strong ideas to unpack throughout, as Erick offers up a lush array of beats over which he can reflect.  

On that note, Future Proof finds him shining as both a producer and an emcee, especially on the standout emotional centerpiece “Let It Go.” Over an up-tempo, subdued instrumental, The Architect muses on some of the hardships he’s faced and his methods of overcoming them. “I buried my mom last year,” he raps, over a beautiful vocal loop. “And I’ma be here with a song, better hope when you heal make it strong, don’t want to raise my kids through a phone.” 

If you’re even remotely interested in the Flatbush Zombies movement, be sure to support The Architect by checking out Future Proof right now — sound off with your favorite tracks in the comments. Do you think the crew should explore this direction further when they eventually reunite for another project?