This current season of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition has been out of control. If you’ve been tuning in, viewers watched as Hazel-E’s fiancé DeVon Waller got into a physical altercation with Day 26 singer Willie Taylor. They seemed to have resolved that issue on a previous episode, but when a Vado put his hands on Tahiry, it caused the show’s host Dr. Ish to address it publicly.

Dr. Ish shared the clip on his Instagram page. In it, Tahiry Jose sits next to her “situationship” boyfriend and childhood friend Vado while talking about being seen as a hothead following an argument. The rapper doesn’t like what he’s hearing because he leaps from his seat and forcibly grabs Tahiry by the front of her shirt and begins yelling at her. The violent altercation is only stopped because Dr. Ish steps in a pulls Vado off of Tahiry. “You lucky I don’t hurt you, yo,” Vado says to Tahiry as Dr. Ish walked him out of the room.

“This is not ok y’all! Never. Ever. I couldn’t believe it happened,” Dr. Ish wrote in his Instagram caption. “Everybody froze. We’re going to do everything we can to make it right @therealtahiry 🙏🏾🙏🏾.” Meanwhile, the other men in the room, including Kurupt, De’Von, and Medina are being condemned throughout social media for not moving when they saw Vado grab Tahiry. Check out the brief scene below.