According to a report obtained by TMZ, the second person of interest in the murder of XXXTentacion has a long rap sheet. Robert Allen, a 22 year old from Broward County, has a long list of felonies dating back to 2015, which range being caught riding without a seat belt to trafficking cocaine. Within the same Allen was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, and the grand theft of that very firearm.

Later that year, two warrants for Allen's arrest were issued as he was caught holding PVP, a synthetic party drug. The additional felony charge Allen caught in that sequence was for once again carrying a concealed weapon. Then in the year 2016, Allen was hit with a startling 22 felonies, mostly pertaining to a fake ID operation he was manning.

Allen was charged with stealing the information that went into those fake identification cards and was placed under probation just this past December. The period is/was expected to last 45 months, considering he's lasted a good 7 months without a hitch. As of this writing we don't know why law enforcement considers Robert Allen a person of interest in the case. Cops may simply want to hold him for questioning. Allen has never the less gone AWOL as if he were a fugitive.