21 Savage Brings His Grammy To The Block For "Runnin" Video

Savage drops by the neighborhood with some motivation.

BYDre D.

A lot of music dropped today, but 21 Savage & Metro Boomin easily have the hottest album of the bunch. No disrespect to all the other artists that dropped today, but nobody else had Morgan Freeman explaining what the difference between a snitch and a rat in between songs. Come on.

The two continue their victory lap with the visuals for the soulful "Runnin."

The new video sees Savage & Metro returning to Savage's old neighborhood for a hero's welcome with a special gift in tow.

He brings along the Grammy he was awarded for his song "A Lot," passing it around so that everyone can hold it in their hands and feel motivated by the fact that someone from the same place as them made it to the top.

The Grammy makes its way across the hood, with children, oldheads, strippers, and skaters all equally enthralled by the little gold trophy. It'll be interesting if one of the kids grinning and posing with the Grammy becomes Atlanta's next hottest export years down the line.

21 Savage may be your favorite deadpan demon, but he's got a heart that's even more gold than his Grammy.

Check out the video for "Runnin" above. Will Savage Mode II be on constant rotation in your library?

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