Bhad Bhabie has wrapped up her stay at a rehabilitation facility after news broke earlier this month that she had checked in to heal from childhood trauma and substance abuse. The 17-year-old was reportedly released from the rehab centre on Wednesday (June 17th) after completing a 30-day program, meaning she would have started treatment long before her stint had become public knowledge. The rapper went live on Instagram the day after she was released to speak a little bit about how she ended up in treatment in the first place. Watch a snippet of the live here.

Bhad Bhabie Out Of Rehab: "I'm Back & Better Than Ever"
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Someone said, ‘Well rehab didn’t last long,'” she noted. “No sh*t! I’m back.” She then insists that she does not actually have a prescription drug problem, implying that her mom, Barbara Ann Bregoli, was overreacting. “And let’s make something clear: I was not no f*cking perc-head, okay? Barbara finds one pill and has a heart attack. But I’m back and better than ever.”

Despite claiming that she’s not an addict, she does admit that the month-long stay in rehab was much-needed. “I did need a break, though, because it was a lot going on in my personal life. I had to separate myself from some people. Yeah, that’s it though.” According to TMZ, Bhad Bhabie’s main focus now is solely on her music career.