Bootsy Collins & Snoop Dogg "Jam On" In New Single

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The funk legend releases a new single ahead of his upcoming "The Power of the One."

Snoop Dogg has rapped over so many Parliament-Funkadelic samples at this point that him and Bootsy Collins together just makes sense.

"Jam On" isn't the first time the two legends have linked up on a song. Snoop appeared on Bootsy's Play With Bootsy album back in 2002 and Bootsy returned the favour on Snoop's Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece in 2004. 

That's just to say they go way back and their rapport is evident in the chemistry they share on wax. Snoop starts things off with a characteristically smooth and laidback flow before the drums come slapping in alongside the deep space bass.

Blistering guitar solos (yes, plural) and outrageous funk falsettos, it's all here.

Check out Bootsy Collins and Snoop Dogg's latest collaboration "Jam On" below and keep an eye out for Bootsy's upcoming album The Power of One when it drops on October 23. 

Quotable Lyrics

You wanna play with it? I wanna lay with it
All day with it, is you with it?
And when I do it, you know I did it
Cause my groove is exquisite
Such privilege, you wanna play with it?
I wanna lay with it all day with it, is you with it?
Cause if you ain't
You gotta quit playing with a playa

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