PARTYNEXTDOOR just dropped his new album PARTYMOBILE, which marked his official return to the game. He never really dropped off in popularity though. For years, the Toronto native has been one of the most prominent figures in R&B. 

When DJ Akademiks took a look into the latest streaming numbers for R&B artists, he was surprised to make a few discoveries. For one, Ak didn’t know just how impactful 6LACK has become. Although he didn’t make any observations about PARTYNEXTDOOR’s placement as sixth on the list, the recording artist caught wind of the numbers and decided to voice his frustration.

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Frank Ocean & 6LACK's Streaming Numbers">
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Re-posting the numbers with a cap emoji, it looks PND wants a recount. If the statistics are accurate, that would mean that Frank Ocean remains the most popular R&B artist on streaming platforms, despite his musical inactivity in recent years. He is followed directly by 6LACK, Daniel Caesar, Bryson Tiller, and the self-proclaimed king of the genre Jacquees. 

PARTYNEXTDOOR clocked in 937 million streams, which is nothing to scoff at. In fact, that’s more than most artists will ever see in their lifetime. However, he’s not trusting of the source, calling out whoever put the list together and determining it false news.

Do you think PND’s numbers are actually higher?