Terrell Owens was always an outspoken player during his days in the NFL and sometimes, it got him into trouble. Regardless, he is widely considered to be one of the greatest receivers ever and he certainly has the stats to back it up. Unfortunately, his abilities on the field didn’t always allow him to move freely when it came to the various teams he played for.

During an interview with TMZ, Owens made the revelation that he faced systemic racism while playing in the league, specifically with the San Francisco 49ers. More specifically, Owens said head coach Steve Mariucci was a culprit.

“I could’ve still continued to play but because I was outspoken, because of who I was, I wasn’t allowed the opportunity,” Owens said. “Because I was outspoken. Because of who I was and because of some of the coaches that said things behind closed doors and got in the ears of these owners, that’s why I wasn’t able to really continue on with my career. To me, that was systemic racism. I experienced it when I was in San Francisco under coach Mariucci. I experienced it. Trust me, I experienced it.”

These are pretty hefty accusations although, considering the NFL’s history, it’s not all that surprising. Owens was always seen as misunderstood and there were times when he wasn’t allowed to express himself. If he feels this way, there has to be some credence to it.