Kyrie Irving flipped the basketball world on its head yesterday when it was revealed that he was looking to bring a group of players together to oppose the start of the NBA season. Over 200 players took part in Zoom call last night and it seems like many are opposed to going to Orlando. Fans are not taking too kindly to this fact although Irving feels as though this is a necessary step forward. As he said on the call, he feels like something fishy is going on and that there are bigger things to worry about than sports.

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, LeBron James is very much against this line of thinking. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar believes he can effect social change while playing and that it would be a much bigger statement if players advocated for reforms on live TV when everyone is watching.

Irving and James are at opposite ends of the spectrum although it’s easy to see why. LeBron’s Lakers are title contenders while the Brooklyn Nets have no shot at making it past the first round. LeBron has the most to lose here and he would much rather see the league make a comeback.

Regardless, Irving and the 200 players rallying behind him will prove to be a huge hurdle if the NBA wants to make a comeback next month.