For their new EP, Talk About It In The Morning, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign enlisted the help of L.A. trio The BMMB (Black Market Music Brokers) for some production, live instrumentation and singing, with two of the release’s five tracks featuring contributions from the relatively unknown group. One of them is opener “Judge It,” and their sultry psychedelia meshes with the Taylor Gang duo’s blunted sound perfectly on the opening track. 

As always, Wiz and Ty compliment each other effortlessly, with Wiz’s verses giving way to one of Ty’s signature smooth hooks like it’s the Santa Ana winds coming down over the hills and into the San Fernando Valley.

Quotable Lyrics

I was the most faithful nigga in existence
But when it goes down, that’s how they flip shit
I’m too high, too lifted, too fly, too gifted
I need a break from L.A., go back to my home state