The concept of the “starving artist” has been with us for years at this point, and has even reached a new level of importance in the era of internet-based ‘struggle rap.” The first Heatseeker of this weekend is Mike Shaine, and though his track is entitled “Starving Artist,” it sounds like he won’t have to exist in that realm for too much longer. He shares the following about himself:

“Dover, DE spitter Mike Shaine. Heatseeker 34 winner. Slightly reminiscent of Chance The Rapper, he’s clearly carving his own lane, and has a unique perspective on life and the rap game stemming a diet of classic hip-hop & the 6 years he spent N Okinawa, Japan. Don’t sleep.”

Quotable Lyrics

On the mic I love to come at different angles
Kurt Angle on the mic, if the mic was an ankle