If you’re at all interested in social justice, you were probably heartbroken when you saw a couple of hashtags trending on Twitter this morning. “#WhiteOutWednesday” and “#WhiteLivesMatter” were both in the list of trending topics. The simple fact that these hashtags earned enough attention to show up on the trending page is ridiculous. However, upon heading into the most popular tweets under those trends, you’ll realize that it was actually taken over by K-Pop stans.

After finding that the two trends were being distributed among white supremacists, K-Pop stans came up with an idea to drown out their tweets with their own fancams and photos.


“HELLO KPOP TWT WHAT IF WE FLOODED ALL THE RACIST HASHTAGS W FANCAMS,” suggested one fan before it took off. Now, when you click into either “#WhiteLivesMatter” or “#WhiteOutWednesday,” you’ll be flooded with content about all of the most popular K-Pop artists.

In fact, in order to clear up the confusion, Twitter even listed both trends under the K-Pop category. 

Shout-out to the K-Pop stans for doing their part in silencing the racists of the world. Check out some of the tweets below.

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