We’re very excited to premiere the latest single from Jeremih. It’s a song called “Planes” that features none other than J. Cole. After an unofficial version leaked out yesterday, Jeremih has hit us with the official version, so check it out below.

Over a cold, sparse beat from Vinylz, Jeremih sings about his big whip, which he drives with his lady riding passenger. He also offers to let her join the mile high club, and goes on to use “cloud 9” and “turbulence” as sexual metaphors. The raunch factor is upped by Cole during his verse, which contains a line about his dick being as big as a foot (the body part, not the measurement). 

Quotable Lyrics

Dick so big it’s like a foot is in your mouth
Y’ain’t babysittin’ but my kids all on your couch
You nasty, oh oh you nasty
Both graduated so fuck keeping it classy