Jeezy appeared on MSNBC to speak with the station’s resident hip hop head Ari Melber about politics and sounded off on how President Donald Trump is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeezy Talks Donald Trump, Barack Obama, & New Album With Ari Melber
Greg Doherty / Getty Images

“For me, I’ve seen those type of people in my life. Trump, he’s one-of-a-kind, ’cause it takes a different type of leader to make things about him,” he says at the 5:30 mark. “I feel like a lot of times you see his ego. Right now, you know, it’s about the people. To me, you talking about ‘Make America Great.’ We gon’ make America greater than it’s ever been with or without him. He gotta understand that. We are the people. You are one person and we get it. But this is not about you right now. We all in this together. You know, all of us. We have to make this about us, not about [Trump].”

Melber also asks Jeezy about what it meant to be shouted out by former President Barack Obama. “Everything man,” he responds. “Coming from where I came from. My trials and tribes. My humble beginnings. Not only because of who he is but the way he did it. That let me know, at one of those correspondents dinners, that let me know that he heard my message.”

Jeezy released his new album, Twenty/20 Pyrex Vision, on March 27.