Suge Knight and Katt Williams have been accused of robbing a photographer in Beverly Hills, as we reported on earlier this week. When it initially happened, the D.A. released a report saying that prosecutors would ask for bail to be set a $1 million for Suge. Well, after surrendering to police yesterday, the judge proved sympathetic with Suge Knight and lowered the bail.

Suge Knight has reportedly been in Las Vegas since the incident occurred. Yesterday Suge went to court with his lawyer James Blatt to formally surrender. Judge Keith Schwartz said that he couldn’t cut Suge a break because the D.A. had already filed the charges, however, he offered his sympathy when it comes to paparazzi chasing after little kids (the photographer Suge and Katt robbed was apparently trying to film Suge’s son).

He set bail at $500,000 rather than the $1 million the D.A. asked for, and Suge was taken into custody with priority booking.

Watch footage from the court below.