JoJo Shares Toxic Relationship Single "Lonely Hearts" From "Good To Know" Album

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JoJo prepares for the release of her forthcoming album "Good To Know" by sharing her latest single "Lonely Hearts."

Some say she's back. Others say she never left the game. Fans are just excited to receive a new project by JoJo. The singer stepped onto the music scene years ago with her pop-R&B hits, but after running into obstacles with her previous record label, JoJo was shelved. She wasn't able to release new music and was entangled in a legal back-and-forth with the label, but now she's returned with a new album and a new attitude. 

On Friday, JoJo is set to release Good to Know, an album that comes four years after her last record, Mad To Love. She's shared her latest single "Lonely Hearts" along with its accompanying video where you'll hear vocals about the distraught singer moving forward from an unhealthy relationship. 

"This song continues the journey of self-love that I've been on," JoJo stated in a press release. "Realizing that while temptation and self-doubt may arise, at the end of the day, choosing self-preservation over toxic relationships is what I'm doing in my life right now." Give "Lonely Hearts" a listen and let us know if you'll be checking for JoJo's Good To Know later on this week.

Quotable Lyrics

I could pick up the phone right now
And make that 2 A.M. call
I know just what to say
But that ain't what I need right now
And I won't let my wants get in my way


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