Maury and Jerry Springer are high up on the list of guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, their trashy television has been exploiting vulnerable groups for ages and there’s no doubt that both shows have been accused of their fair share of racism. Although that narrative hasn’t been prominent in recent times, Chuck D of Public Enemy took some time to remind the masses that those two shows exploit young Black people. He even went as far as suggesting the government pays the two shows to do just that.

Chuck D Suggests Maury, Jerry Springer Paid By Feds To Exploit Black People

The line between entertainment and exploitation is very thing and Chuck D thinks that both shows should be categorized as the latter. He shared his thoughts on Twitter, claiming that the federal government actually pays shows like Maury and The Jerry Springer Show to capitalize and exploit young Black people. “Just how much the fed$ pay these old white dudes like Maury & Jerry showtiming young folks dysfunctional sht on Air …especially young blacks. Beware of elder media Nucointelpro buzzards hovering. Everything ain’t entertainment in fact it’s exploitation,” he wrote on Twitter.

Aside from his recent message of Twitter, he recently won the Woody Guthrie Award for always providing a message with his music that touches on social and political issues that people across America and the world face on a regular basis.

Peep his tweet below.