Zion Williamson is only 15 games into his NBA career but he’s already made a huge impression. Last night, Zion put up 35 points in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. His team ended up losing the game 122-114 but regardless, it was an interesting game to watch. Williamson continues to prove himself as one of the most entertaining players in the entire NBA and it doesn’t seem like that’s going to change anytime soon.

One Lakers player who was impressed by Williamson last night was none other than JaVale McGee. After the game, the two exchanged words and Williamson even gave McGee his jersey. Usually, this signifies a jersey swap. This means McGee should have taken off his jersey and given it to Zion. Instead, McGee took Zion’s jersey and kept it moving.


Some feel like Zion may have snubbed McGee and didn’t actually want his uniform. However, one theory no one is pushing is that perhaps McGee was unwilling to give up his uniform and preferred to have a one-sided transaction. We’ll probably never know the truth but considering McGee was involved, the clip looks all that much funnier.

Regardless, we’re sure McGee is happy to have that Zion jersey in his collection considering it will probably be worth a lot of money in just a few year’s time.