Mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz is one of the most recognized athletes in his field with a career that spans decades. The title winner surprised fans back in 2006 when he declared his love for Jenna Jameson and then two years later welcomed twins with the adult film star. Their relationship was fraught with problems and in 2010, Ortiz was arrested following a physical altercation. By 2013 their romance was over and since that time, Ortiz has retained full custody of their kids.

Tito Ortiz Says Ex Jenna Jameson Blew $8Mil On Drugs, Hasn't Seen Kids In 6 Years
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Ortiz recently sat down with VladTV to discuss his relationship with the pornographic entertainer and shared that he never hurt her. He also stated that in 2012, he obtained a restraining order against Jenna and took over parenting full-time. “She just walked away,” he said. “It’s sad, but at the same time, she’s a victim of her own self. I tried to help somebody I couldn’t help.” He added, “I know the truth. The things that were happening to my kids at the time were just mind-blowing. I’m just thankful now that they were young enough to not understand what was going on in the house [and] what was going on with them… They don’t remember her.”

After going through therapy over his relationship with Jenna, Ortiz stated that the ordeal has given him “thicker skin” and has made him a “better father” for his kids. In another video clip, Ortiz claimed that Jenna’s addiction to Oxycontin was so intense that she was “eating 80mg three or four times a day.” Ortiz’s father had an addiction to heroin and he watched as his father lost everything. The fighter wasn’t going to do the same because of Jenna’s addiction, and he claimed that she “blew through $8 million in a four period.” Watch his interview clips below.