Kash Doll Admits To Having Gotten Plastic Surgery: "I'm Not Ashamed"

Kash Doll has no shame in her cosmetic enhancement game.

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Kash Doll has come a long way from her exotic dancing days and has secured quite a nice little placement for herself in the music industry since she ditched dancing for money in 2014. It was only one year later when the "Ice Me Out" rapper sent out a tweet that read "plastic surgery" leading many to believe to she went under the knife for cosmetic enhancements. 

Kash paid a visit to Vlad TV recently when the latter was mentioned and she explained that her short tweet from four years ago was probably because she was thinking about the surgery, admitting that she has gotten work done. "I haven't got a lot of work done," Kash said, as seen in the clip below. "I don't do a lot of work. 2015 I probably was thinking about it." 

She added: "I have got work done, I'm not ashamed to say that which is my boobs."

In other Kash Doll news, she and Lil Kim shared a heartfelt moment recently and Kash apologized for previously ranting about her years ago.  

"I was in my feelings about some sh*t someone i was working with told me she said i couldn’t go on tour with her 🙄 lil Kim didn’t event know." Kash wrote. "She was so G about it! Hugged me and embraced me like listen you’re too talented for that ❤️❤️ i love learning shit from OGs!! @LilKim thank u for everything! 😘😘😘 you’re truly an icon love."


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