Cam’ron’s ex JuJu struck a nerve when she dropped a “whew chile” about his recent Instagram post. Earlier today, Cam’ron shared that twerk videos were played out and seeing videos of women reading out loud is something that turns him on. The Shade Room reposted it, and JuJu commented, “Whew chile.” The couple was together for the best of a decade before they decided to call it quits back in 2017. JuJu made the official announcement that she and Cam’ron were over on an episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, and since then she’s sparingly discussed why they just didn’t work out.

Meanwhile, Cam’ron hasn’t really spoken out about his relationship with the reality star until now. After his phone lit up over JuJu’s “whew chile” comment, he uploaded a video where he passive-aggressively aired out their dirty laundry. With “Hey There Lonely Girl” by the Delfonics playing in the background, Cam’ron said, “First of all I want to start off by saying I’m not your enemy. I got a few calls about a ‘whew chile’ earlier and everything else. I’m not your enemy. I’ve got nothing but love for you. I’m happy for everything you’re doing. But I’m tired of looking like the villain, you know I like being the villain, but this isn’t the case for this scenario.”

“I didn’t break up with you because it wasn’t fun or anything like that,” the rapper continued. “I broke up with you because you kept threatening to beat up one of my co-workers for unfollowing you. Now, maybe I’m a little old and I’m just not, you know. I’m too old to beat somebody up or see somebody get beat up that brings me $300,000 a year for unfollowing you. I couldn’t take it anymore because of Instagram followers, person follow that person. You can’t beat up white people in New York. Especially a white Jew. And that was the real reason why we broke up. You know we had a marvelous time.”

Then a bit of tea began to spill. “It looked like you had more control over my business than I did. I had no problem with you. I got you on Love & Hip Hop. I helped you get Candy Jewels Hair. I negotiated the best first-time person on Love & Hip Hop [deal]  and that contract you got. I got you that money. You still on for two, three seasons now and I’m happy for you. I supported you when you got your butt done, when you got your breast done, the lip hair laser removal, everything. I loved you with that. I was with you before that. And I still have love for you. No problems at all.”