Disney Land might be the “happiest place on Earth” to some but there have been a few incidents in recent times that indicate otherwise. Earlier this year, there was footage of a family brawl at Disneyland in Anaheim that went viral but unfortunately, that’s not the only incident of assault in recent times at Disney Land. According to the Orlando Sentinel, a woman has been hit with a lifetime ban at Disney Land after she punched an employee over a ride.

Disney World Tourist Banned For Life After Punching Employee In The Face
David McNew/Getty Images

A Chicago woman named Jessica Grines, 23, will not be able to go to Disneyland in Orange County, FL after an altercation with a ride operator. Grines apparently got very heated after she found out her Fast Pass wasn’t applicable for the Twilight Zone Tower. That’s when things escalated between Grines and the employee, Taylor Gragert. Gragert reportedly tried to help them but Grines began getting verbally abusive. Gragert called for back-up but at that point, Grines began meddling with the buttons on the podium that may have had an effect on the ride. Gragert tried to push Grines hand away which is when she was allegedly punched in the face.

Gragert decided not to file charges against Grines but Disney made it clear that the aggressor wasn’t allowed on their premises for the rest of her life. “We don’t tolerate unsafe behavior,” a Disney spokeswoman said.