Chicago Police don’t have the best reputation and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. According to NBC Chicago, the Chicago Police Department is being accused of raiding a four-year-old’s birthday party with their guns out in search of someone who hasn’t lived there in years.

The family of a four-year-old boy has filed a federal lawsuit against the Chicago PD claiming that on Feb 10th — the day of the raid — police knocked down their doors, pointed guns at the people inside of their home and tore up the unit in search of someone who hasn’t lived in that apartment for more than five years. The suit claims that their actions are a reflection of the ongoing pattern of discrimination and excessive force from the police department against or in the presence of children of color in the South and West side of Chicago.

The mother of the child, Stephanie Burris, detailed the scenario. “To worry about her or her brother getting shot by someone who is supposed to protect and serve them, it’s terrifying,” she said. “It’s horrible,” she added. “It’s terrifying… Can you imagine a 4- or a 7-year-old sitting and playing games with other children, then come in and be confiscated by men with guns pointed at them? I can’t imagine that.”

“Instead of having his family sing happy birthday to him, 4-year-old TJ had Chicago police officers curse and insult him and his family with f-words and cruel jokes,” added the family’s attorney.

Chicago Police didn’t directly address the suit but in a statement, a spokesperson said the department “makes every effort to ensure the validity and accuracy of all information that is used to apply for and execute search warrants” but “errors occur and it does take them seriously.”