Cardi B’s “Titanic” B-Day Ring From Offset Gets A Price Tag

Offset does it BIG.

BYNoah C
Cardi B’s “Titanic” B-Day Ring From Offset Gets A Price Tag

Cardi B's 27th birthday was last Friday and we got a peak at the gift that Offset got for her. Offset fittingly dubbed the ring he got her the "TITANIC DIAMOND" in his caption for the video of her seeing it for the first time. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY QUEEN U DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT COME YOUR WAY I LOVE YOU AND OUR FAMILY TOGETHER," he wrote

From just a glimpse at the ring, it isn't hard to guess that it's wildly expensive. However, we can now confirm just how wildly expensive it is because TMZ reached out to Pristine Jewelers, who were responsible for the glacier. The company's owner, Avi Davidov, revealed that the ring is worth OVER ONE MILLION DOLLARS. The ring - which was conceptualized by Offset - consists of a 20-carat heart-shaped center stone and a band of smaller hearts that total another 25 carats. Offset reached out to NYC's Pristine Jewelers a whole nine months ago to ensure they had time to whip up something special. Davidov hand-delivered Cardi's present and he can be seen in the background of the IG video of her receiving it. 

Offset also proved his overflowing love for his wife by agreeing to take shots with her, despite him not being a fan of drinking. The couple also shared a bunch of criminally horny posts from their birthday getaway

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