Two people who never cease to share their love for one another are Offset and Cardi B. The happily married couple has weathered many storms, so they don't miss an opportunity to put their love on display for the world, especially on online. Friday marked Cardi B's 27th birthday and Offset took to his social media accounts to honor Cardi.

"MY BEST FRIEND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, KK’s MOM, THIS DAY IS YOUR SPECIAL DAY I LOVE YOU, HAPPY BDAY!!NOT JUST ME AND FAMILY BUT THE WORLD LOVES YOU," he wrote earlier on in the day. That was just the beginning, because later on in the evening, the Migos rapper shared the moment he gifted his wife with an enormous diamond ring from Pristine Jewelers.

"TITANIC DIAMOND 💍 💎," Offset wrote. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY QUEEN U DESERVE EVERYTHING THAT COME YOUR WAY I LOVE YOU AND OUR FAMILY TOGETHER." Over on the jeweler's page, they wished Cardi a Happy Birthday by sharing a video that shows the "Press" rapper copping watches, chains, and bracelets. "They should have never gave no broke b*tch some gotdamn schmoney!" she said. Check it out below.