Saturday evening, Angelina Jolie surprised fans with an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con along with her castmates for Marvel’s upcoming The Eternals film with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirming that the film, and Phase Four of the MCU along with it, are slated for a November 2020 debut.

Feige introduced director Chloe Zhao onstage to be joined by Jolie who will play the role of Thena, along with castmembers that include Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden starring as Ikaris, Salma Hayak as Ajak, Kumail Najiani playing Kingo, Bryan Tyree Henry as Phastos, and Lia McHugh playing Sprite.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Confirms Phase 4 Begin With "The Eternals" In 2020
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“This movie will allow those who have never felt represented in movies, in this case superheroes, to be represented. I love my diverse family,” Hayek noted of the film during the panel.

In the comics, originally created by Jack Kirby, the Eternals are the results of alien experiments conducted on ancient humans. While they look like normal human beings, they carry around superhuman abilities that include the typical myriad of super strength, mind control, teleportation, and shape-shifting among others.

While the Eternals traditional nemeses arrive in the form of the Deviants in the comics, the introduction of South Korean actor Ma Dong-seok as the villain Gilgamesh in his North American debut suggests that they may not play too large of a role in this film.