The Witcher video games from Projekt Red are heralded among the best RPGs of all time. The games, which are based on novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, grew so much in popularity that Netflix decided to create a show surrounding the stories protagonist, Geralt. Superman actor Henry Cavill once mentioned that he loved the games and the books, and that he would jump at the chance to play the character. Months later, his words became a reality. While fans have seen screenshots from the upcoming Netflix show, there hasn’t been much else to judge The Witcher on. Until now. A debut trailer for the series premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, and first reactions to the footage are mostly positive.

Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich revealed to fans that the series would be heavily based on the books, not the games which are more familiar to audiences. The new trailer makes this very clear from the moment it begins. The stories of Ciri and Yennifer are just as important as Geralt’s, which means the series will have a wider scope of narratives to dedicate the season to. Cavill’s Geralt does features in some amazing scenes though, as he takes on men, monsters, and giant spiders. Check out the new trailer below.