You’re always treading in dangerous territory when you allow people to ask you questions on Instagram. The social media platform lets users opt-in for a “ask me anything” feature on their Instagram Stories, and celebrities love taking advantage of it because it makes them come across as more relatable. However, when a person has hundreds of thousands of followers, not all of them are lurking because they’re fans.

T.I.’s teenage daughter Deyjah Harris has received her fair share of strange responses on her IG, but she’s been able to maintain her own level Harris-inherited Clap Back in order to keep people in line. Recently, she gave followers the opportunity to pose their questions to her, but one person rubbed her the wrong way.

“Why you ain’t post tiny for her b-day,” one person said to Deyjah about her step-mother. “I get the feeling you really don’t f*ck with her.” Deyjah didn’t mince words with her response. “See that’s your problem,” she began. “You think a post equates to the love, admiration, respect, etc. that I have for her? while you so busy worrying about why a post THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU wasn’t made, i was too busy making sure my gratitude and adoration was shown and expressed with actions.”

She ended her statement by saying, “I mean, i’ve literally checked everywhere on my receipt and i have yet to see as to where the hell i bought your opinion at.” The high school graduate has learned from her family well.