Kawhi Leonard has been nothing short of dominant for the Los Angeles Clippers so far this season and he is already looking like the best free-agent signing of the summer. The Clippers are an early favorite to win the championship this year even without Paul George in the lineup. While Leonard has been great, he has already received some nights off due to “load management.” Of course, the Toronto Raptors exercised the same caution with Leonard last season as he was coming off of a nagging quad injury.

Without Leonard in the lineup, the Clippers are at risk of losing precious games that will go towards their seeding in the playoffs. If George was still in the lineup, the load management of Leonard wouldn’t pose as much of a risk. But since he’s not there, fans seem to be a little upset about this development.


As soon as the announcement was made that Leonard would not be playing against the Milwaukee Bucks, fans took to Twitter in droves to roast Kawhi and question the merits of load management. We aren’t even ten games into the season yet and it seems as though Leonard needs more rest than some of the league’s most seasoned veterans.

What do you think of load management? Should the NBA be forcing to players to play during nationally televised games?