Aside from Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant was the biggest name in Free Agency, although unlike Kawhi, there wasn’t very much intrigue surrounding KD. Some people thought there was a chance he would stay with the Golden State Warriors but it was pretty obvious that he was going to go to the Brooklyn Nets alongside Kyrie Irving. There was a time when Durant going to the New York Knicks was a foregone conclusion but the prospect of joining Kyrie at the Barclays Center was just too attractive to turn down.

In a recent interview, Nets general manager Sean Marks spoke about the Durant signing and why he ultimately chose Brooklyn. As Marks explains, it had more to do with the way the team plays and less to do with Kyrie.

“I love the system. I love how you guys play,” Durant said. “We could never take you guys lightly.”

While Durant’s answer may have been a bit cliché, Nets fans should be excited about the next few seasons. Durant won’t be able to play with the squad next season due to his Achilles injury, but once he gets back, the Nets will be a contender to win the NBA championship.