Lil Poppa’s been bubbling up in the South with singles like “Eternal Living” and “Dangerous” which have both amassed millions of YouTube. With a new project on the way, the Jacksonville, FL based rapper returned with his new single, “God’s Hand.” The follow-up to “On My Own” has Poppa on a melancholic vibe as he reflects on the losses and wins he’s taken over the years. “I’m a fiend for the weed, I like to stay high/ Two Js to start the day, just to get by/ Took a 10 out the bank just to get fly,” he raps over church organs while dishing out on his insecurities. 

His forthcoming EP, which he has yet to reveal a title for, is due out before the end of the year. Keep your eyes peeled.

Quotable Lyrics
I always kept it real, I ain’t change how I feel
All them n***as showed they hand, that shit’ll leave you by yourself
I smoke and think all by myself, I sit and think about my health
‘Cause I ain’t feelin’ like myself, like do I really like myself?