Roddy Rich is one of the fastest-rising young artists in the game, and the rising West Coaster recently shut down a crazy set at the Real Street Fest. Real 92.3’s Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed made sure to catch Roddy after the show, and spoke briefly about his upcoming endeavors. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to shift to Drake, who was recently seen reaching out to Ricch and prompting all manner of speculation. 

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Roddy Ricch Confirms Drake Feature & Reveals New Album Title">
“Man [Drake is] one of the guys,” smiles Roddy, still beaming from the hometown love. “He reached out, and we just been fuckin’ with each other on text and talking on some real n***a time.” When asked if there’s music in the cut, Roddy can’t help but play coy. “You know,” he says, trying to play it cool before realizing the ruse is destined to fall flat. “It’s there! But you know, it ain’t just one song. We gotta just keep working, that’s all.”  
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Ricch also opens up about his relationship with Mustard, whom he collaborated with on Perfect Ten highlight “Ballin.” “He just puttin me down with the game, and putting me on,” explains Ricch. “Besides music. And that’s why I forever fu*k with Mustard.” He also shouts out E40, visibly excited at having collaborated with the legendary Bay Area figure. 

Last but not least, Kev and Hed get him talking about the upcoming album, which he reveals will be titled Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. “We’ve been working on it for a little minute,” teases Roddy. “Getting the sound together. I just be wanting my fans to like, feel like I’m bringing them something nobody bringing them. Just watching the waves, how everybody drop so fast. I be on some, perfecting my craft, just making sure the music is all the way there.”