Parisalexa Debuts New "2 Real" Track

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Parisalexa continues to

Singer Parisalexa is gradually emerging from the label of Seattle's best-kept secret to a strong name in the realm of R&B's upstarts. Fresh off a work with Xavier Omar, Sango, and Tuxedo, Paris now touches down with her own "2 Real" offering.

"When I wrote this song I was fed up," she reveals in a statement. "I felt betrayed by people that I put my trust in (men, friends, collaborators) and I really took a moment to reevaluate my expectations of others. I reassessed a lot of relationships, and fortunately met new friends that reciprocated what I was putting out. They showed me that not everyone is fake, not everyone says they're going to do something and doesn't do it. So that’s where I am now; too genuine for the average friendship, too deep for a surface level relationship. And I’ve learned my true value. No matter what the vibe around me is, I'm perfectly fine with being too real."

Quotable Lyrics

Got yourself a down ass chick (Yeah)
Yeah got my own money, own whip (Oh woah)
Little high maintenance ain't nothin' that you can't be patient with

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