21 Savage is in the process of evolving as both a musician and an individual. The Issa Album rapper has been participating in a string of charitable instances, and now, seems to be on the verge of reinventing his reputation altogether. Today, the rapper sat down with XXL for an extensive interview, in which a wide range of topics are discussed. After dubbing Post Malone a talented artist and claiming he wants to work with Pharrell ("my mama love Pharrell"), the conversation shifts into the political spectrum.

The infamous clip of Tomi Lahren lip-syncing "Bank Account" is inevitably brought up, leading 21 to admit he found the whole thing funny. The Fox News discourse segues into Donald Trump, who has been one of the more controversial figures in modern history. Admittedly, 21 Savage isn't exactly the most politically inclined individual, a fact he himself admits. 

21 Savage goes on to reveal he actually used to like Donald Trump, back when he hosted The Apprentice. "My mama used to watch that shit," he laughs. "I used to fuck with him, I thought he was gangsta, how he used to handle business. Like he don't play...But shit, they say a lot of bad shit about him...I don't know, I'm not political...I don't got no problem with Donald."

Check out the full interview below, which is pretty interesting for anybody interested in 21's personal growth.