Attempting to prove to 21 Savage that he wears real gold and diamond chains, Young 22 posted a video of himself drenching his jewels in a bathroom sink. 21 took the opportunity to mock the rapper formerly known as 22 Savage in the video's comment section.

"How you big 22 and yo chain lil [...] what are thoseeee?? Black diamonds ? [...] Lil broke ugly pencil head bitch," the "No Heart" emcee posted.

Young 22 looks confident about the size of his chain in the video taunting 21 Savage again, which makes the latter's comment even more hilarious. Last year, the copycat rapper parodied 21 to no end. Even though he changed his moniker recently, the beef between the two Atlanta performers seems to be alive and well.

Things got meta when Young 22's antics got the attention of another copycat. 23 Savage went after him in a viral music clip that parodied his own parody.