21 Savage is a true success story. A few years ago, he was seen as just another SoundCloud rapper rapping about cars, clothes, jewelry, and other materialistic topics. He worked on his craft endlessly with his efforts culminating in his latest album I Am > I Was. Now, 21 Savage vows away from jewelry. He's still the Saint Laurent Don but the Atlanta-based rapper is now investing his money in real estate, cryptocurrency, and other areas. He wants to help underprivileged youths be financially responsible now that he has some knowledge about taking care of his money. 21 Savage's new Bank Account Campaign was created with Get Schooled and Juma so that teenagers could learn from the rapper and the next step in the initiative will be a big one.

According to XXL, 21 Savage is planning on giving 150 jobs to at-risk youth, hopefully reaching his goal by June. The jobs will reportedly consist of working on concessions at sports events and concerts across the United States. Candidates will receive training and experience, plus assistance in finding career opportunities for the future. 

21 Savage previously issued a statement on the launch of the Bank Account Campaign. "While my #1 song was called 'Bank Account,' growing up, I knew almost nothing about bank accounts," he wrote. "As I have gotten smarter about financial management, I realize how empowering it is to control your money rather than be controlled by it. I want to help kids with a background similar to mine to get smart about their money."