If you've ever had to visit a different barber after your regular guy leaves your favorite shop, you know the struggles of finding someone you can trust to keep you looking fresh. Sometimes, you need to go through a few different hair specialists to find the right person for you. When you need a haircut on the road, things can get pretty tricky sometimes as 21 Savage learned the hard way. Currently on tour with Post Malone, 21 needed to get a quick cut before heading out on stage but the barber he found may have messed up his look just a little.

Venting to his followers on Instagram, the Atlanta rapper revealed that his new barber had "pushed him back," effectively screwing up his entire look. Introducing us the first installment of the "Savage Wars Trilogy," Savage threatened to lay out the man who roughed up his cut with the "wam bam." While his "wam bam" weapon of choice is undetermined thus far, 21 is back to his menacing persona, gazing into the distance and warning the barber that if he ever spots him in the streets, he should be ready for trouble. "I had to use a new barber out of town and i think he pushed me back ima beat his ass on sight," wrote the rapper, ensuring that anybody going near his hair in the future is as careful as can be.

21 has recently been re-exploring his Savage ways, pulling out a gun during a pool party brawl. Has he redeemed himself from carrying the "I'm a hoe too" sign or does he still have a ways to go?